Hydrogen fuel cell forklift is a new energy electric forklift with hydrogen as main power and zero-emission, featuring environmental protection, low operating cost, practicality and so on.

Fuel cell power system can directly replace the lead-acid battery power module to be the power source of forklifts, without any changes to them. Therefore, the fuel cell power system can not only be used for new forklifts, but also be substituted for lead acid battery power source of old ones.

A recent survey by Argonne National Laboratories shows that greenhouse gas emissions of fuel cell forklifts is 63 percent less than forklifts using battery systems. Compared to fuel cells, most batteries are very heavy and take up large space while the running time is only 6 hours. However, the running time of fuel cells is 12-14 hours, twice as much as batteries and take smaller space. As to refueling time, it only take 2-3 minutes to refuel hydrogen while it should be several hours to re-charge ordinary batteries.

Cooperation case: