As an ultimate zero-pollution environmentally friendly engine of the latest generation,SinoHytec hydrogen fuel cell engine constitutes an energy transformation device that creates electric energy by means of an electrochemical reaction with the combination of hydrogen and oxygen. During the process, no burning and mechanical losses are involved with high energy transformation ratio and the products only contain electricity, water and heat with zero pollution and low noise.

Dedicated into the development and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cell engine for many years, SinoHytec has reaped fruitful achievements in reducing costs, improving reliability, durability and maintainability. On the basis of technical accumulations and demonstration experience for many years, our company developed the latest generation YHTG series of hydrogen fuel cell engine in 2018 whose products cover the range of 10kW, 30kW, 60kW and 100kW. At present, this series of product has come into industrial volume production.

Core features:

  • High energy use ratio:The fuel efficiency of a hydrogen fuel cell engine proves to be two to three times as high as the traditional oil engine.

  • Zero pollution: Only electricity, water and heat are produced and no CO2, the greenhouse gas and other pollutants are emitted.

  • Short time for hydrogen addition and long endurance mileage:Hydrogen addition for passenger vehicles only takes three to five minutes while that for passenger trains takes 10 minutes with the endurance mileage amounting to more than 500km.

  • Low noise: Quiet operation of a fuel cell with the noise only reaching 55dB which corresponds to the level of normal conversation.

  • Storage and start at low temperature:Low-temperature storage without protection at -46°C and normal cold start up at -15°C.

  • 60kW FCE
  • 80kW FCE
  • 40kW FCE
  • 60kW FCE

The structural design and control strategy have been technically optiomized to achieve light weight and miniaturization, reducing costs and improving efficiency. The products are applicable buses, guoup buses, logistics vehicles, etc.

Core features

◆ 100% localization of core parts;

◆ Power density exceeds 500W/kg;

◆ Significant cost reduction

Parameters of the hydrogen fuel cell engine

Rated power(kW)
Protection level
Working temperature(℃)
Storage temperature(℃)