SinoHytec social recruitment

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With talents strengthening the company and the scientific development concept guided, SinoHytec speeds up the pace of building talent, eases the shortage of talent and provides talent by training, attracting and choosing talents  in order to speed improving human resources professional ability.

Strategic principles:

1, People-oriented. By strengthening the concept of talent, SinoHytec makes harmony between the development of personnel and enterprise to achieve the sustainable development of people.

2, To be guided by Capability building. SinoHytec speeds ​up building capability and attracts high-level talents for rapid development.

3, To implement on-job training. Sinohytec not only balances the supply and demand, but also optimizes the talent structure by promoting multi-level and diversified training.

4, To train, certify and utilize talent with professional ability as a standard. Sinohytec improves the professional ability by training.

5, To do the talent construction in an all-round way. By linking up the training, evaluation, selection, assignment, transfer, encouragement, and benefit safeguard of talent, Sinohytec builds efficient operation mechanism and high-quality operating mode in accordance with the socialist market economy.

Adhering to the above principles of talent strategy, SinoHytec will gather more talents to create value for the community and the society.